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Business Development
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Why Partner with Luqa Pharmaceuticals?

We recognize the value of collaboration in achieving our mission. That’s why we view external collaboration and partnership as a strategic imperative at Luqa. It is part of the Luqa DNA.

We strive to be excellent partners to the companies and research teams we work with to develop and commercialize innovative healthcare solutions for patients in China. Every single member of the Luqa team understands and is committed to ensure the success of our collaborations and partnerships. Only by working together can we develop life-changing solutions that will make a difference in people’s lives.

Luqa has established capabilities and expertise across the whole process from development through to commercialization. Our regulatory, marketing, reimbursement, patient engagement and sales teams have clear understanding of global best-practices combined with the local know-how needed to rapidly adapt to the ever moving pieces of China’s healthcare environment. Luqa sees these capabilities and assets as a platform on which to continue to grow our business and generate value through both internally and externally developed new products.

With a network of long-lasting partnership relations, Luqa has built up a leading franchise in China of Medicinal Dermatology, Aesthetics, Cosmeceuticals, Medical Devices and Drug Products.

Through a team highly experienced in International Alliances, and a structured and transparent approach to the management of partnering, our products have become recognised and leading brands in their respective therapeutical fields, with outstanding growth and solid performance.



The next generation silicone gel for scar therapy with innovative technology from Switzerland.


Innovative Age defence and Professional procedure therapy. Patented 5 action regeneration system to regenerating skin with innovative technology from Spain.


LUQA Product Pipeline