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Our product range
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Ultimate W+

Whitening Solution

Enriched with the innovative [meso]white complex® to prevent and attenuate hyperpigmentation and limit excessive melanin production.


The world’s leading professional depigmentation method



Immediate action skin rejuvenating



NEAUVIA Organic Line


Energy C

Stage I Aging & Brightening Solution

Highly concentrated stable form of Vitamin C to providing a dual antioxidant action.

Collagen 360°

Stage II Aging & Firming Solution

Reactivating collagen synthesis in the skin by supplying high concentrations of enriched marine collagen.


Powerful Skin Brightening Solution

Patented RetinSphere® Technology, combining 2 innovative retinoids. Whitening Booster System, solving all stages of melanin production.

Radiance DNA

Global Antiaging Solution

Enriched with the innovative [meso]recovery complex® to protect and repair cell DNA.

Coolifting CO2 Beauty Gun

 Ten years’ traces, five minutes away.

The latest technology from Spain, it is by far the most efficient professional care of rejuvenation.

Aethoxysklerol 0.5%

Free your veined legs

The key range from German Kreussler Pharma enjoys 50 years in vascular beauty. It is the exclusive product available in China, approved by CFDA, offering sclerotherapy for sufferers of lower limb varicose veins.

Repavar Rosehip Oil

Professional repair energy from Spain

Repavar Revitalizante Active VC Ampoules

Brightening and anti-oxidant


Advanced technology of skin regeneration

Innovative Age defence and Professional procedure therapy.
Patented 5 action regeneration system to regenerating skin with innovative technology from Spain.