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eoxcare: Luqa’s innovative wound dressing product, obtains CE mark in Europe
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June 20, 2016 – Luqa Pharmaceuticals, a Chinese specialty dermatology and aesthetics
company, announced that its product Reoxcare has been granted CE Mark approval in
Europe. Reoxcare is an innovative active wound dressing for hard-to-heal wounds
developed by Histocell a leading cell therapy and tissue engineering company. Luqa
acquired rights to Reoxcare for Greater China in 2014. This recent CE Mark approval will
allow the company to continue its regulatory efforts to gain approval for Reoxcare in
the People’s Republic of China by 2018 whilst launching the product in Hong Kong and
Reoxcare is a medical device with antioxidant properties that promotes a natural
healing process. The product has been successfully clinically tested in different hard-toheal
wounds, both acute and chronic.
“Receiving the CE Mark is a key step in Reoxcare’s and further validates this innovative
and highly effective for hard-to heal wounds. The approval by the EU authorities will
allow us to continue to work with the CFDA to bring this innovative therapy rapidly to
the China market.” said Robert Braithwaite, CEO of Luqa Pharmaceuticals.
About Luqa Pharmaceuticals
Luqa Pharmaceuticals is a China-focused company. We acquire, develop and
commercialize innovative healthcare products that bring added value to prescribers and
other healthcare providers while enhancing quality of life for patients. Since its
inception in 2010, Luqa has become a fast-growing revenue generating company with a
broad product portfolio and pipeline. We aim to become a leader in specialty care
segments in China.
About Histocell
Histocell, S.L. is a biopharmaceutical company specialized in Medical Devices and Cell
Therapy products for regenerative medicine. Currently, Histocell has a team of over 35
highly qualified professionals and production facilities are approved by the AEMPS
(Spanish Agency of Medicinal products and Medical devices) in order to produce cell
therapy drugs. Histocell’s technologies are based on the application of adult stem cells
and bioactive materials as key technology, consolidating its position in the development
of tissue engineering products. Specific therapeutic areas include: bone regeneration,
cartilage regeneration, dermatology, neuro-protection and lung therapy.

For more information about Luqa Pharmaceuticals:
Mr. Luis Juste
Business Development Director