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Luqa Pharmaceuticals and Daewoong Pharmaceuticals to launch a Strategic Collaboration in the Aesthetics Field
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Luqa Pharmaceuticals and Daewoong Pharmaceuticals to launch a Strategic Collaboration in the Aesthetics Field

– The companies sign a Letter of Intent for the commercialization of innovative aesthetic products in Greater China

– Luqa will commercialise through proprietary specialized commercial platform

Monday June 28, 2016

Luqa Pharmaceuticals, a China specialty company, has announced it has signed a Letter of Intent with leading Korean company Daewoong Pharmaceuticals for the commercialization and promotion of innovative products in the aesthetics field.

Through this collaboration, Daewoong will continue the ambitious international expansion of its aesthetics portfolio, building on landmark agreements with leading companies in Europe, USA and Latin America.

In words of Mr. Robert Braithwaite, CEO of Luqa Pharma: “We look forward to this collaboration with Daewong to continue to expand our aesthetics portfolio for Greater China. Daweong’s high quality products are a perfect complement to our current range therapies, allowing us to provide a complete range of solutions for dermatologists, aesthetics doctors and our patients.”

In words of Mr. Sengho Jeon, executive director of Daewoong Pharmaceutical: “It is a great honor to collaborate with Luqa Pharma, one of the best partners in Hong Kong’s cosmetic sector. Starting with this LOI signing ceremony, Daewoong Pharmaceutical hopes to gear up with Luqa Pharma to turn Nabota into a top-selling product in Hong Kong.”

About Luqa Pharmaceuticals

Luqa Pharmaceuticals is a China-focused company. We acquire, develop and commercialise innovative healthcare products that bring added value to prescribers and other healthcare providers while enhancing quality of life for patients. Since its inception in 2010, Luqa has become a fast-growing revenue generating company with a broad product portfolio and pipeline. We aim to become a leader in specialty care segments in China.

About Daewoong Pharmaceutical

Established in 1945, Daewoong Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. has the largest prescription drug sales in Korea and envisions itself to become a top 50 global healthcare company by 2020. In addition to its product portfolio, which includes 15 blockbuster products, Daewoong has built strong core competency for new drug development and has cultivated a cooperative culture for collaboration with global partners.